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Iqamah and Prayer
times to manage prayers

Subscribe to your nearest and favourite Mosque. Set daily Iqamah time reminders.

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Offer prayers at nearby Mosques with ease.

Be up to date with your Mosques every step of the way. Recieve reminders, notifications and much more.

Receive reminders every step of the way.

Follow up with the lastest updates on your subscribed mosques. These will be available in your feed.

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Features that Jamaat offer.

The features that Jamaat has to offer in allowing you to become extra diligent with your congregation prayers.

Iqamah Times

Manage and get notified for your Iqamah times.

Subscribe Mosques

Subscribe to Mosques that are near you.

Receive Feeds

Follow up with your Mosques and be up to date.

Prayer Times

Manage and get notified for your Prayer times.

Home Mosque

Set your favourite Mosque as your Home Mosque.

Get Notified

Get notified about Mosques every step of the way.

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