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Why are we the best email verification option?

Verify completely for free

We won't charge you a penny for verifying your email list. Check out your list statistics before making any purchase decision.

Extremely accurate & fast

Our system has been developed to verify emails with extreme precision. We trust it so much that we use it ourselves!

Risk-free money back guarantee

If we incorrectly mark legitimate emails as fake or vice versa, we guarantee your money back.

How we verify emails

Our sophisticated process goes through many proprietary methods and uses high-quality data to verify email address lists reliably.

MTA Validator

MTA validator

We do deep and careful SMTP & DNS MX checks against real email servers to tell us if the email address has a legitimate mailbox or not.

Spam trap checker

Spam trap checker

We carefully check and ensure spam traps are fully removed from your email list to prevent you getting put on email blacklists.

Disposable email cleaner

Disposable email cleaner

We update our list of disposable email providers on a regular basis and perform sophisticated and proprietary methods to find all such services.

Catch all domain checker

Catch-all domain checker

We let you know with 100% accuracy whether a domain is catch-all or not.

Syntax error validator

Syntax error validator

We check and remove all syntactically invalid email addresses using very robust and strict checks.

Email duplicator remover

Email duplicator remover

We preprocess and remove duplicates from your list before charging you a cent.

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