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Our company is all about producing software whose quality is unparalleled in the markets we serve. We don’t take low-quality nonsense lightly – from top to bottom, quality is our key differentiator, so if we sacrifice that, we wouldn’t have a business. - Uman Shahzad • CEO

Our Company

mslm focuses on producing world-class software. It’s the bread-and-butter of our business to prioritize quality on everything we touch. Software excellence is a core value that defines our culture from top to bottom.

We’re central to our clients’ business growth. We lead their engineering efforts, solve technical problems they thought were unsolvable, and build out their systems from start to finish with quality that’s unparalleled in the market. And we do all this unbelievably fast and efficiently. We’re the cream of the crop of technical capability in the markets we serve, and our business partners love us for it.

Quality is the name of the game for us, and nothing would have us compromise on this point. Our market competitors are focused on short-term gains, while we’re consistently looking long-term even at short-term cost. Most of the great businesses we’d want to partner with share this model, so jointly we produce truly world-class products.


We engineer from start to finish, including planning, executing, testing and deploying.


Our email marketing products help ensure high email deliverability rates.


We're available around the clock to answer any of your technical questions.


We can run hardware infrastructure in the cloud or on-prem.

We're successfully leading massive products.

We solve tough technical problems that most teams cannot, we lead engineering efforts and build out systems from start to finish with quality that's unparalleled.

The Best Team

Uman Shahzad


Umar Nadeem

Lead Creative Designer

Asif Iqbal

Head of Human Relations

Taimur Ahmad

Team Lead - mlang

Umar Farooq

Software Engineer

Talha Hameed

Software Engineer

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